Fudgy Peanut Butter

Well the warm weather has moved in, meaning baking must be done in the morning. This weeks treats from Dorie’s Cookies is none other that Peanut Butter and Fudge Brownies. At first glance this seems like a long involved recipe with lots of steps. In truth with a little pre-planning it is actually pretty easy to make. Plus you get a delicious fudgy treat at the end.

To start you are going to coat a pan in aluminum foil. You are going to want to make a basket so it is easy to remove from the pan. Then apply some butter to really grate the aluminum foil. If you do it right at the end everything just comes right out, and there is no scraping.

So for the other ingredients for the fudge I recommend putting everything in its own bowls before you start cooking anything. This makes mixing faster and the worry of burning the chocolate disappear.

Step one you are going to melt you butter and chocolate together. Then remove it from the heat and add in your sugar, salt, and vanilla. I personally usually struggle with melting chocolate but a low and slow heat really helps on this one.

Then after you have those mixed, one by one add your cold eggs. Fold in your flour and salted peanuts next. Then pour it into your pan making sure you get it into the corners.

About 30 minutes in the oven and you are done with step one. no need to worry about step 2 until the brownies are cool.

Step 2 is the fun part. Using a stand mixer blend your peanut butter together with powdered sugar and some butter. Once it comes together you add some nutmeg, vanilla, and a splash of milk. Then just spread that mixture over the top of your cooled brownies.

Almost there. now melt some more butter and chocolate together for the top coating. I did run in to a little issue here with it being to thick. It could have been the chips I used. A little heavy cream helped fix the issue though. Now that the chocolate is melted, pout it, and spread it over the top of the peanut butter.

Into the refrigerator for about 90 minutes, and presto, you got brownies. Well almost. First remove them from the pan and tin foil. You also may want to let them warm to room temp. Honestly though I was fine with them still cool out of the fridge.DSC_0138

These were very thick and had a great peanut buttery crunch to them. Perfect for an instant chocolate craving fix. To store them just simply find a container and put them back in the fridge. Leaving them out leads to a gooey mess no one wants.

That is all for this Tuesday with Dorie recipe. Overall it was involved but not to difficult. Plus the end result was delicious fudge brownies. Only problem is I am still stuck in the house and don’t know who to share with. This is going to be a lot of brownie to eat. If you are interested in the full recipe go check out Dorie’s Cookies. You can also join in baking at Tuesday’s with Dorie. Or if you are friends with me, hit me up and enjoy the sweets of my labor.

Till next time everyone be safe, and look out for one another.

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