Sugar and Spice It’s All Nice

It is that time. The 100 degree weather has hit Phoenix. Oh and also another episode of Baking with Scott.

This weeks cookie as usual comes from Dories’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan. It is a simple Salt and Pepper Sugar and Spice Galettes.

With finding ingredients still a little on the difficult side this recipe is thankfully constructed with things most of us should have.

Start of mixing most of your dry ingredients together. I added a little extra cinnamon because I like it. The ginger and cloves add a nice flavor and smell when they bake up.

Work the butter and sugar together until smooth. Drop in your egg and then the Almond flour. Once it is all together add in your dry ingredients till blended.

Once your dough is done split it in two and roll it out. Into the freezer it goes for a bit, then when ready use a round cutter to make your cookies. In this case you are baking them in muffin tins. It is also helpful to reroll and refreeze the dough in between each baking.

Just like that in no time the sugary, spicy smells will waft through house. I would put these in holiday cookie category. These cookies were a tasty crispy but crumbly consistency. They are also easy to store. I actually cut out a bunch and froze them for later.

That’s it, that’s all there is to this one. It is a great cookie and since I can’t really share it was perfect to save for later. Well that’s it for now, stay safe, try baking before that summer heat kicks in, and enjoy.

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