The Insta-Garam Grahams

Now back to our regularly scheduled Baking with Scott. This weeks cookie from Dorie’s Cookies is Garam Graham. These are just a more full-flavored version of graham crackers. They also contain wheat flour, so that meets my definition of healthy. Since things are slowly closing down, let’s take an adventure in baking.

This cookie can be time consuming because you have to freeze it for about 3 hours. Luckily I had some gardening to do to fill in the time. First step is to mix your milk and honey together. My honey was a little hard so it just required more soaking time to get it to dissolve. DSC_0057

While that is going on you can add all your dry ingredients to the food processor and mix them together.DSC_0056

After that that throw in your light brown sugar and incorporate that as well.DSC_0058

Now throw in your cold butter until you get a sandy like mixture.DSC_0059

Finally slowly pour in your honey milk while pulsing to get your dough to come all together.DSC_0060

Next you will want to split the dough in half. Then on a floured piece of parchment paper (or wax) roll each half out in a SQUARE shape (it is important for later). Once rolled out freeze for about 3 hours.

And were back. Set your oven to 350. While we wait now is the time to cut the dough up into 2″ thick pieces. Them again into triangles. This is easy if you buy the grid parchment paper. Also as a side note do not separate the sections you cut. If they bake together that is ok, you can always re-cut after baking. Another tip if you need everything to be nice and square now is the time to do that. Me I was not that particular. Also if you want to add a kick sprinkle some sugar salt and pepper on the top before baking.

Into the oven they go for 20 minutes, and a quick top to bottom rotation after 10. Then take them out and place them on your cooling racks. If the crackers have baked together feel free to slice through them and let cool.

That is all there is to it. The garam spice adds a definite taste that is mellow  but tasty to the cracker. These crackers are also a little softer than normal graham crackers and that makes them very enjoyable. They taste great with coffee, milk, or tea.

Well guess since I cant share these I will have to eat them all by myself. Well thanks for reading, and why not try some of Dorie Greenspan recipes for yourself. Or give her blog Tuesday with Dorie a look to see how others are making these treats. If I can do it anyone can. Well until next time everyone, Happy Baking.


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