Sweet Snowballs

Cooking with Scott would like to welcome all you readers to the New Year. Hopefully you can make 2020 a fabulous year filled with good times and of course good food. With most of the country looking at snow I thought, I would join the fun and make some Meringue Snowballs from Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan. This is a very short recipe to make, but a very long one to bake. Let’s get started.

First thing is deciding on what flavors and colors you want to make them. For my recipe I went with just white to stick with the snowball theme, but added some rose flavor, and almond coconut flavor.

For this the oven only needs to be at 250 degrees, but you need to bake and for at least 3 hours and 30 minutes. You want to start by sifting a little sugar and confectioners sugar together.

Then you are going to use your stand mixer to whip your egg whites until they form some nice soft peaks.

Once you are there slowly add in your sugar until you have shiny stiff peaks.DSC_0014.JPG

Now here is where I split the batter and added my flavor ingredients. Just a little of each as the flavors can be very strong. I also added some rose sugar to the top of the rose meringue and almonds and coconut to the tops of the others. Into the oven the went for a little over and hour.


Not wanting the plate to look drab I took a little advice and made my first creme en glaze.  Still not content I also made a a nice blood orange coulis with a little help.

By the time those were done so was the baking on the meringue. So I turned off the oven, cracked it, and let them sit for about another two hours.DSC_0019

That’s it. That is all there is to the recipe. You can let them sit in the oven longer if you would like. This is the perfect the dessert to make a head of time for company.

The meringue had a nice crispy outer shell with a softer interior. The rose flavor while noticeable was not over powering and paired well with the blood orange coulis. The same could be said about the almond coconut ones as well.DSC_0030DSC_0027


Well that is all for this week. I would say anyone can make this dessert. It just takes time and patience. Plus it helps to get a little creative with flavors, colors, and plating. If you would like to know more just follow along with Tuesday’s with Dorie, or better yet go out and get the Dorie’s Cookies book and bake along with us. Now time to go work on my plating skills and try to polish off this meringue as I am not sure who to share it with. Till next time everyone.

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