Move Over Pumpkin, Here’s Pecan

Well Halloween is over, and that means it is time for Thanksgiving. What better way to start November off  on Cooking With Scott than to make a delicious Chocolate-Pecan Pie Bar. It is all the benefits of a pie, just now in an easy convenient bar size. This recipe again comes to us courtesy of Dorie Greenspan’s book Dorie’s Cookies.

To start I am not usually a huge fan of Pecan Pie usually because of the weird gelatin look and feel that goes along with it. I can say with this bar you get none of that. The first thing you do is in make your crust in a well buttered 9 x 9 pan. The more butter the better to prevent it from stick ,and make it easier to get out at the end.

The dough is just some simple flour, butter, salt, confectioners sugar, and egg yolk mixed together in your food processor.

You will know the crust is done by a nice golden brown edge.DSC_0024.JPG

Then it is a matter of making the filling. This is where the good stuff comes in.

Add some brown sugar and Golden Syrup together and lightly whisk. Add in your melted butter, whisk again. Then in goes your egg and egg yolk, and whisk again. Now time for the vanilla and Bourbon (or dark rum). It says two tablespoons but what is a little extra. Then finally in goes your chocolate and pecans. I used mini chocolate chips cause you get more and it is not as chunky.

Then once it is all mixed together pour and spread evenly over your prefaced crust. Put it back in the oven for another 23ish minutes and then remove to cool.

You can cut these in the pan if you want. For me I like to flip them out of the pan because you get petter bars. So, if you buttered your pan correctly this should be easy, if not….sorry.

These bars are not only crunchy, but have a sweet, sugary taste that is not overpowering. Best part is the do not come out runny or gross gooey at all. Probably one of the best bars I have made to date.

Well that is it folks. Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the photos as much as I did baking. As always you can follow along with my baking adventures here, or go to Tuesdays with Dorie and see other bakers attempt these recipes as well. Even better grab a copy of the book and come bake along with me. Well I hope my co-workers are hungry because there is no way I am going to eat 24…23…22…20 bars all by myself. Till next time everybody.

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