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Some Honey for the Holidays

Welcome to the Holiday Season everyone. The time of year we all like to throw stuff in the oven and give it our best shot at baking some tasty morsels for friends and family. Let’s start the month off right here on Cooking with Scott by introducing a sweet treat know as Greek Honey Dainties. … Continue reading Some Honey for the Holidays

Sweet Pota…Err Pumpkin Pie

Well it was fast and furious week for baking. With Thanksgiving upon us why not practice making some delicious desserts. I already made some cookies, why not add some delicious bars on top of it. So, the original recipe was called Sweet Potato Pie Bars, with a slight modification I present Pumpkin Pie Bars. The … Continue reading Sweet Pota…Err Pumpkin Pie

Spicy Cranberries

Hello friends, and welcome back to Cooking with Scott. I have been on a very long hiatus from cooking. Lots of personal things happen have kind of sidetracked this project. From PTSD, depression, archery, to finally getting a new job, it has been a rollercoaster few months. With the help of Christie (check her out … Continue reading Spicy Cranberries

An Unexpected Treat

June I already here and the summer heat of Phoenix, AZ has set in. None the less Cooking with Scott fired up the oven and baked some delicious Swedish Visiting Cake Bars this week. This originally started as just a Swedish cake recipe, but Dorie put a little twist on it. Let’s see how it … Continue reading An Unexpected Treat

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