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Valentine’s Day Share the Love

               For this week’s, Cooking with Scott we prepare for Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s day share-a -heart cookie is a great way to spread some love and delicious cookies. So in the spirit of the holiday let’s get ready to bake.             Overall this is a pretty simple and straightforward recipe without many ingredients. With … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Share the Love

Cookies and Kindness a path to help with PTSD

So as someone living with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) I often am consumed by an overacting mind forcing me into a chaotic mess of emotions. One moment I can be filled with energy, the next overcome with anxiety, where I do not feel like leaving the couch. Over the years I have tried many … Continue reading Cookies and Kindness a path to help with PTSD

Tis’ the Season…for cookies

               Well it is that time of year, time for holiday snacks and cookies galore to make their rounds around the neighborhood, office, or between friends. With that Cooking with Scott delved deep into this week’s Tuesday’s with Dorie recipe, Christmas Spice Cookies. These cookies are a welcome addition to any cookie exchange you plan … Continue reading Tis’ the Season…for cookies

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